a guide to breathing underwater | dance film (2018)

A Guide to Breathing Underwater follows a person’s quest to find solace in his body. Using dance and gesture, shadow and light, we see him traverse through New York City, looking for his utopia.

When he finds an open space overflowing with air and water: an exhale. Finally, he can be still.

DIRECTION / Raven Jackson
CINEMATOGRAPHY & EDIT / Felipe Vara de Rey


2019 BAM: Race, Sex, & Cinema: The World of Marlon Riggs
2019 Opine Dance Film Festival
2019 Tiny Dance Film Festival
2018 Mobile Motion Film Festival - WINNER Grand Jury Prize, WINNER Best Fiction                                                                       
2018 BlackStar Film Festival
2018 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival
2018 Cine-Corps Film Festival
2018 Jacksonville Dance-Film Festival
2018 Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival
2018 Toronto Smartphone Film Festival
2018 Portland Dance Film Fest
2018 Afrikana Independent Film Festival
2018 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival
2018 International Mobile Innovation Screening (MINA)